DOF Suite

The industry has moved in the direction of fully integrated field studies with the objectives of improving field management - production and recovery - over the life of a field. Through this, improved investment decisions can be made by integrating reservoir, production, process and facilities studies as well as economics and field maintenance models.

The Digital Oil Field

The Digital Oil Field software applications replicate the behaviour of an oil or gas field on a computer, using workflows for automation and clusters to speed up calcu...

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Integrated Visualisation Management IVM is a software solution that bridges the gap between data sources and sophisticated Petroleum Engineering analytical & model...

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Petroleum Experts made a strategic decision to move this integrated field studies concept forward and to develop real time "IPM Field Management", integrating the fiel...

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Model Catalogue

This is a File Auditing, Management and Model Version Control Tool The Model Catalogue is designed to allow the engineer to have a structured archiving system to stor...

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