MOVE Suite

The Move suite is the most complete structural modelling and analysis toolkit available. It provides a full digital environment for best practice structural modelling to reduce risk and uncertainty in geological models. The Move suite provides a platform for integrating and interpreting data, cross-section construction, 3D model building, kinematic restoration and validation, geomechanical modelling, fracture modelling, fault response modelling, and fault and stress analysis.

Move Core Application

Core application for data integration and interpretation, cross-section digitization, 3D model building and the base for the modelling modules and links.

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2D Kinematic Modelling

World-leading forward and reverse modelling tools for validating your interpretation and reducing uncertainty.

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3D Kinematic Modelling

 3D model restoration, forward modelling and validation based on geometric structural geology principles.

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Geomechanical Modelling

3D model restoration based on a mass-spring algorithm for volumes and surfaces with assigned rheological properties.

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Fracture Modelling

3D Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) modelling for fracture network characterisation.

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Stress Analysis

Display and evaluate the effect of present-day and palaeo stress states on slip and stability of faults and fracture systems in 3D.

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Fault Analysis

Quantitative analysis of fault throw, juxtaposition and seal through geological time.

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Fault Response Modelling

Boundary element modelling to simulate displacement on faults, and geomechanical analysis of surrounding fracture systems.

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Digital Field Mapping

Digital field mapping applications for your smartphone and tablet. Collect data and build your 3D model in Move.

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