Abgail's Testimonial

Position: Scientific Software Development Engineer

Year Joined 2022

Could you imagine moving from Brazil to UK after having just completed your PhD to start at your first job in the industry? Exactly, it was a really challenging experience and Petex has been always there to help me in each step of this process. When we arrive at the company in our first day, we can already notice the open office design without any walls. With time we realise that this openness reflects the philosophy of the company. We can talk with all teams and people from all levels whenever we need, and everyone will try to help you no matter how basic or advanced your question might be.


I have always been fascinated by the ability of understanding why something is happening based on physical principles and I have found out right in the beginning, during my new recruit mentoring program, that Petex also value this. Our first months in the company are focused on understanding the physical principles behind the Petex tools, so before pressing any buttons we actually know what we are doing and the reasons for choosing a certain approach. When I started giving training courses around the world, I could see how rewarding it is when an attendee truly understands the fundamentals of the physical phenomena being modelled.


Another strong characteristic of the company is the aim to evolve, to solve problems. This is reflected in the new models and modelling approaches proposed by the company that became standard in the industry. Being part of a team with this mindset and that is investing in our development definitely enables us to evolve, learn new abilities and learn new ways of using our skills. And this urge to solve problems is not limited to within Petex, we can also see this in the projects funded by the company. I am personally passionate about the projects focused on boosting children's interest in science, such as Lab22 and activities in local schools.