Pipeline bridge


OpenServer is the Petex API Protocol (syntax) that allows third party programs (such as Excel, Visual Basic, etc.) to access public functions in IPM to automate data input and model calculations. The Petex IPM products become calculation engines controlled from the outside. Being able to automate data transfer, automate calculations and automatically interrogate existing IPM model inputs provides a basis to develop streamline macros or software utilities that free up valuable engineering time (engineers can focus on engineering rather than data entry).

OpenServer is ideal for small repetitive task automation however for larger workflows Petex advise the use of RESOLVE Visual Workflows.

OpenServer Functionality

There are essentially three commands that allow this communication, and they are:

DoSet – allows the setting of a numerical value or option within the tool to be set from outside

DoCmd – performs a specific type of calculation (for instance a Gradient calculation in PROSPER, or solve Network in GAP)

DoGet – returns a value/status from the IPM tools (i.e. taking a liquid rate from PROSPER and passing to Excel)

Example of OpenServer application: Batch Runs

  • Consider a situation where a prediction calculation in MBAL has been set up and it is of interest to check the final recovery for a range of OOIP values.A spreadsheet in Excel can be created that lists all the OOIP's to be used in the prediction. A VBA macro can be written within Excel which:-
  • Gets the first OOIP value from the spreadsheet and sets it in the MBAL tank
  • Runs a production prediction
  • Queries the final recovery from the production results and writes into the spreadsheet. Repeat for the next OOIP, etc.

This allows the automation of a repetitive task, which is time consuming and thus allows the engineer to focus on engineering analysis rather than data entry.

Example of OpenServer application: Simple Custom Reporting

Although PETEX products provide a variety of report formats, it is possible that specific reporting structures are required. A VBA macro within Excel can be written to query the values from a PETEX product and then written in the required format to the spreadsheet.

Generic OpenServer

Generic OpenServer is a wrapper that is placed around third party APIs, allowing RESOLVE to communicate with these tools using the OpenServer commands/functions- this means that the user can control third party applications from RESOLVE, using standard IPM OpenServer syntax.  The generic OpenServer wrapper works for Eclipse, Excel, GAP, GEM, Hysys, IMEX, LEDAFLOW, MBAL, NEXUS, PROII,PROSPER, PVTp, RESOLVE, REVEAL, TEMPEST, TNavigator, Unisim.

Advanced Workflows

A visual layer was placed around OpenServer and housed within RESOLVE. The result is the Workflows technology: this allows all of the positives of OPENSERVER functionality to be realised, without any of the negative results associated with bespoke scripting.