Charitable Activities

It is not just technical work that helps define Petex. in what continues to be challenging conditions, it is always important to take stock and think about how those with the ability to help, can help. The company and people of PE Limited often take time outside of their usual work to helping those in need. While not every venture can be listed, we thought we would share just a few highlights in what we hope helped and brought a smile to our local community.

Leith Academy interactive STEM project

Petex have been working with a local school, Leith Academy, running a 7-week interactive STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) project for first year...

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Make 2nds Count

 It was a real privilege to host Emma Hall and John Ward of Make 2nds Count at the Petroleum Experts Ltd HQ. In what is a hugely underfunded and currently misundersto...

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UNICEF - Lebanon and Jordan

Petex is actively involved with charities, both international and local. The key focus being on education and health. We are in our sixth year of partnering UNICEF to...

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Cash for Kids Mission Christmas Appeal

December 2021. Christmas came and Claire (pictured middle) led the “Cash for Kids Mission Christmas Gift Appeal” on behalf of Radio Forth. The aim is to improve the li...

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Distinguished Gentlemans and John Muir Way

May 2021.  the “Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride” and  hike across “John Muir Way”. 

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Lockdown Meals

April 2021 The father daughter team of Dean & Layla Gassabi are pictured outside their restaurant, Maison Bleue, where over the course of lockdown, in an initiati...

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