Geological Modelling Solutions

With the proprietary MOVE software technology, and our experienced structural specialists, we can provide a unique combination of resources to address structural geology problems based on more than 30 years’ of successful project delivery previously as Midland Valley and now as part of the PE Limited team.

Our technical solutions draw on the resources and experience of the whole company, including the geologists and engineers, as well as the MOVE, IPM, and DOF software development teams.

Our experienced team of structural geologists has delivered projects on a wide range of scales both onshore and offshore, on all continents, and in all structural settings. Projects are always tailored to our clients’ requirements and durations can range from a few days to multiple months. We work closely with our clients, incorporating local geological knowledge from them to refine the project scope and feeding back project workflows, results, recommendations and other learnings to them.

Example project scopes include testing geological models (structural validation), palinspastic restoration, fracture prediction, DFN modelling, and fault seal analysis. 

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