Our Expertise

Using the combined geological knowledge and experience of our team, we can benefit your organisation by solving your structural geology problems. Here’s what we have to offer:

  • We have passion for our field! Our 30+ years of successful project delivery at Midland Valley and now Petex, shows that we are the team to have on your side and you can be confident that we will strive to deliver the best results.
  • •We will address your specific structural geology problems with a unique project scope, creating an effective and efficient solution, which will get you the results that you require to make decisions and reduce structural geology related uncertainty in your projects. 
  • •We have a team of structural geologists who use their combined experience to deliver every project, solving your structural geology problems and rigorously peer-reviewing all of the work delivered to you. We have worked in all tectonic settings all around the world - salt, extension, inversion, compression, strike-slip; we draw on our knowledge and experience of similar projects to ensure the projects we deliver for you are to the highest possible standard.



  • Our team of expert structural geologists has extensive experience in applying methods of structural interpretation, validation and analysis, palinspastic restoration, fault seal analysis, fracture prediction and modelling, and stress analysis, which we use to address structural problems in all the extractive and energy industries: oil & gas, mining, geothermal, geotechnical, underground storage/waste disposal, and others. We combine our unique range of expertise to address your specific structural geology problems.
  • As well as delivering world-class structural geology projects, we develop the industry-leading software (MOVE) that we use in our projects. As the MOVE software experts, we have mastered all aspects of the tools allowing us to use them with maximum efficiency which means we can spend more time applying the tools to deliver your project. Our intimate knowledge of the tools and analysis methods means that we can develop custom-made integrated solutions for any structural modelling problem. If we develop new techniques required to achieve the project objectives, access to the Petex development teams means that these solutions can be implemented in the software and used as part of the project. This combination allows us to deliver the work to schedule and to the highest standards. No other service provider has access to these resources.




  • We have the additional benefit of being integrated in the larger Petex organization and we can deal with everything from a project’s technical requirements to legal and contracting, ensuring that we provide a professional, reliable and efficient service from the scoping stage to project delivery. 
  • We also have access to world-leading engineering teams and software. Integration is key to success, and if your project can benefit from their input we will utilize it to deliver the best integrated solution.
  • Our Edinburgh head office hosts the majority of our team but we also have part of our Technical Solutions team based in our Houston office to support and work closely with our US clients. Additionally, we carry out projects and workshops in client offices when this is the agreed best delivery.


To take the next steps then please enquire here and one of our team will then arrange a call with you to discuss your requirements further.