Technical Workshops

Technical workshops are crucial to delivering sustainable solutions. These workshops are interactive, collaborative sessions.

We will hold a workshop at the start of solution delivery so that we can understand and discover all technical challenges and objectives that need to be faced and met. Subsequently, and after the solution has been formulated and delivered, a series of technical workshops will be held to provide a technical handover, and knowledge transfer. These workshops ensure that our clients’ engineering teams are comfortable replicating the work streams, and can maintain and adapt the solution as requirements of the asset evolves over time.


The client-specific nature of the workshop provides a platform to execute value-adding knowledge transfer beyond standard training, focusing on a specific challenge. Common challenges faced by our clients which have been addressed directly through previous workshops include:

  • Integrated modelling, from the reservoir to process
  • Allocation and virtual metering
  • Production optimisation
  • Reservoir management and integrity evaluation
  • Solution formulation
  • PVT characterisation and application
  • Digital Oil Field extension and scaling to address newfound field challenge

Technical workshops are structured to ensure that both short-term, and long term objectives can be achieved, and to provide guidance on updating solutions to meet evolving business needs.