Engineering & Digital Oil Field Solutions

Whether an asset is onshore or offshore, conventional or unconventional, oil, gas or LNG, our Engineering Technical Solutions team is here to help meet your engineering and business objectives.

Since its beginning, the strategy of PE Limited has focussed on delivering end-to-end integration in modelling activities. This strategy has culminated in fully integrated physical models being used all over the world to deliver value in real time through the Digital Oil Field (DOF).

Integration goes beyond integration in the technology, and is key to all aspects of the way we work - our Technical Solutions team draws upon the combined resources and experience of the whole of PE Limited, including our engineering, geology, support and technology development groups.

Our approach is straight forward. To meet any objective, it must first be fully understood in the full context of the overall business & operational needs. Having gathered the information relevant to the objectives, we will hold a discovery workshop where we work together to understand the problems at hand, and the challenges that must be considered. Next, we formulate the solutions to meet the objectives. This phase is underpinned by carrying out in-depth engineering analyses of the challenges presented. Subsequent phases focus on delivering the solution, and ensuring that all knowledge is transferred so that the solution is sustainable and embedded, and so that future objectives can be met independently of PE Limited.

When working with to formulate and deliver any solution, we will spend as much time as necessary on any phase to ensure that the objectives and challenges at hand are met, and value realised, and that knowledge and learnings are transferred. The end result is a solution that will provide real value. At the same time, the knowledge and learnings gained through the solution building process will provide formidable value in itself.

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