Our Expertise

With thirty years’ of successful project delivery, our team has always delivered the best in class results in the industry, and some of the key reasons why we are best placed to do so are summarised below.

We address engineering problems with a unique project scope, to create an effective and efficient solution, which will get the results required to make decisions deliver value.

We have a team of engineers who use their combined experience to deliver every project, solving engineering problems and rigorously peer-reviewing all of the work delivered. We have worked in all geographical areas, and all environments, whether it is onshore or offshore, conventional or unconventional, oil, gas or LNG; we draw upon our knowledge and experience of similar projects to ensure the projects we deliver are of a world class standard.

We have extensive experience in applying all engineering methodologies ranging from fluid characterisation, through to full field integrated modelling and forecasting. We combine our unique range of expertise to address specific engineering problems.

As well as delivering world-class engineering solutions, we develop the industry-leading software engineering tools that we use in our projects (IPM and DOF). As the IPM and DOF software experts, we have mastered all aspects of the tools allowing us to use them with maximum efficiency. Our intimate knowledge of the tools and analysis methods means that we can develop integrated solutions for any engineering problem. This combination allows us to deliver the work to schedule and to the highest of standards. No other service provider has access to these resources.


We have the additional benefit of being integrated in the larger PE Limited organisation and we can deal with everything from a project’s technical requirements to legal and contracting, ensuring that we provide a professional, reliable and efficient service from the scoping stage to project delivery. 

We also have access to world-leading structural geology teams and software. Integration is key to success, and if a project can benefit from their input we will utilize it to deliver the best integrated solution.

In any project delivery, we always place an emphasis on knowledge transfer. Delivery of a solution is, of course, vital, but making sure that the solution can be maintained and sustained is of equal importance. To make sure that this is achieved, we will work together in technical workshops and training sessions to transfer any knowledge gained.