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Technical Papers

Although a very large amount of original research and development is done every year as part of the Petex development plan for the IPM and DOF applications, our work load does not allow the publication of papers related to the tools to be done internally. However, there are many papers (primarily on the SPE database) written by clients that reference the work done with the tools, methodologies developed and gains made.

We are so far aware of over 50 SPE papers written by clients that reference Petex's IPM and Digital Oilfield tools. These are currently being reviewed and summarised and will be added to this page as the work progresses.

We would be happy to know of any papers that we may have missed in our search, so that these can be added on the list. 


SPE ReferenceDescription
N.A. Assessing Temporal Variations in Linkage between Supra-and Sub-Salt Faulting in the Weymouth Anticline, UK
N.A. A New Method of Accounting for Uncertainty and Temporal Variability in Studies of Fault Seal Capacity
N.A. What do you think this is? “Conceptual uncertainty” in geoscience interpretation
180124 Identification of the Compositional Path Followed During Reservoir Simulation Improves the Accuracy and Accelerates the Phase Behavior Calculations
201746 Leveraging Integrated Production Modeling and Digital Platforms to Maximize Liquid Yield and Reduce OPEX from Liquid-Rich Marcellus Reservoirs – A Field Study
173452 Lessons Learned From World-Wide Deployments of Model-Based Real Time Production Optimization Solutions
175805 Proper Selection of Multiphase Flow Correlations
154803 Vertical Lift Models Substantiated by Statfjord Field Data
93048 Application of Integrated Reservoir Analysis to Optimize Development Plan
113873 Integrated Field Modelling of the Miskar Field
113904 Recent Advances and Practical Applications of Integrated Production Modelling at Jack Asset in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
121801 Integrated Production Model with Stochastic Simulation to Define Teotleco Exploitation Plan
127858 Perdido: The First Smart Field in the Western Hemisphere
131621 Application of Integrated Production and Reservoir Modelling to Optimize Deepwater Developments
136126 Realising Opportunities Using Integrated Production Modelling in Occidental of Sultanate of Oman
140625 Using Integrated Production Modelling
93648 Better Results Using Integrated Production Models for Gas Wells
146986 Best Practices and Lessons Learned in the Construction and Maintenance of a Complex Gas Asset Integrated Production Modelling
155596 Integrated Production System Modeling of the Bahrain Field
57472 Managing Risks Using Integrated Production Models
128137 Integrated Production Model Calibration Applied to a Gulf of Mexico Sub
154073 Application of Integrated Production and Asset Modeling for Sour Field Development Planning
146143 Fit for Purpose and cost effective Integrated Operations Implementation for Mature Assets in Maersk Oil North Sea UK Limited
144334 Automation of the Oilfield Asset Via an Artificial Intelligence
164850 Integration of Production Facilities and Reservoir Simulation for Comparison of Subsea and Conventional Lift Technologies
167557 Integrated Production System Modelling
144195 Real Time Production Optimisation in the Okume Complex Field
162951 Practical Application of the IPSM in Resolving Gas Availability Challenges and Overall System Optimisation to Maximise Production
121175 Uncertainty Analysis Applied to Biogenic Reservoir Souring Simulation
123788 CO2 Injection into Depleted Gas Reservoirs
160924 To Develop the Optimum Field Development Plan for Condensate Wells Using Integrated Production Modelling
57473 Managing Risks Using Integrated Production Models
36236 Oil Lift Curves Automation
35558 A Systems Approach to Production Management
158647 Predicting the Performance of Gas Boosting Educators
155031 Enhancing Production Allocation in Intelligent Wells via Application of Models and Real
90519 Case History of Using an Integrated Asset Model for Depletion Planning of a Tight Gas Reservoir
80919 Fourteen Years of Progressing Cavity Pumps in a Southern Oklahoma Waterflood
75525 Evaluating Operation Strategies via Integrated Asset Modelling
96037 Downhole Pressure Boosting in Natural Gas Wells
88748 Development and Applications of the Sustaining Integrated Asset Modeling Tool
110357 Gas Well Liquid Loading from the Power Perspective
124571 Plunger Lift Dynamic Characteristics in Single Well and Network System for Tight Gas Well Deliquification
142841 Role of EWT in Declaration of Commerciality and Field Development
167573 Development of Heavy Oil Reservoirs
104161 Advanced Production Monitoring
27566 Integration of Production Analyst and Microsoft Excel Solver for Production Forecasts and Optimization
71824 A Model-Based Approach to Assist Operation of a Gas-Constrained Multizone Intelligent Completion in the Ness Formation
79701 Integrated Optimization for Rate Allocation in Reservoir Simulation
17255 IPTC RasGas Experience with Production Optimisation System, a Success Story
192522 Development of Advanced Field Optimisation Techniques in Karachaganak Integrated Asset Model
217462-PA Blowout-Capping-Fracturing-Relief Well: A Full Cycle Workflow