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Technical Support

Technical Support is provided to our customers worldwide through the Edinburgh (UK) and Houston (USA) offices. There is a very strong emphasis within the organisation to provide the highest level of support possible and to help our clients where we can.

Technical Support is provided as part of the software maintenance which also includes access to the Web User Area and the current and future versions of the software. 

Our technical support covers:

  • Ensuring the software performs in accordance with current documentation;

While the primary focus of Technical Support is to ensure the software is working as intended, the support team will try to help with the engineering aspects of the tools when the scope and context allow it. 

In fact, 90% of technical support enquiries handled relate to users seeking advice on how to approach, understand and model engineering problems. The remaining 10% of the enquires relate to the use of the engineering software itself.

In cases where more context or time is required to formulate a solution, the support team can pass the information onto PE Limited' dedicated project team.

Maintained licence holders also have access to the Web User Area which is an online community where Frequently Asked Questions, newsletters, User Group Meeting presentations and even a database of standard engineering Visual Workflows can be found.

Technical Support is provided in a number of different ways:

  • Email Technical Support - the Edinburgh and Houston based support teams can be emailed directly with any query which needs to be addressed;

          Edinburgh, United Kingdom -

          Houston, USA -

  • Web User Area Support - an online support system allows questions to be sent to the Support Team which are then stored for easy navigation at a later date.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - the Web User Area has an extensive, online searchable database of answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Regional Telephone Support

    Edinburgh, United Kingdom 
    Tel:  +(44) 131 474 7030
    Fax: +(44) 131 474 7031

    Houston, USA
    Tel:  +(1) 281 531 1121
    Fax: +(1) 281 531 0810

Some information on the support team:

  • Languages spoken
    English, Arabic, French, Greek, Russian, Spanish, German
  • Nationalities
    Algerian, Argentinian, British, Canadian, German, Cypriot, French, Nigeria, Russian, USA, Cameroon

How to Enter the User Area?

In the Web User Area of this website users have a secure area where they can seek detailed technical support, browse technical newsletters etc. This area is only accessible if you and your company are registered users.

To enter the Web User Area please open up any of the software products of PE Limited, then go to the Help | Web User Area menu on the top toolbar. This will automatically open the web browser. If you are a new user, it will ask you to register in the Web User Area.