Tej's Testimonial

Position: Petroleum Engineer

Year Joined 2012

I have been at Petex for over 13 years. I have had the privilege of working in different teams with great people and have travelled around the world, including living in the US. I completed my PhD in Chemistry in 2010 after an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering. I wanted to work in the energy industry where I can see the results of my work being applied directly and make an impact. During my career at Petex, I have worked in engineering teams such as support, training, technical solutions, and software development. That’s a broad exposure to the different parts of the business as well as a global client base.

Petex invests heavily in all new recruits for their long-term development. All new hires undergo an extensive mentoring program at their pace where the focus is on learning the fundamentals so that they can be applied to diverse problems. The mentors help expand the way of thinking and focus on solving problems using innovative approaches. The learning never really stops here, as no two days are really the same here.

Given the dynamic nature of the work, every person feels that they are constantly growing. The teams are also closely knit which help fosters a strong sense of teamwork. The company always looks out for its people and is available to support them, both professionally and personally. The company has an open culture where everyone has visibility of the different parts of the business and can easily approach peers, including the management. Overall, this is a great place to work for a stable, fulfilling, long-term career.